Table of Contents

Prepare For The Winds Of Change
By Nita Johnson





1.                 The White Horse


2.                 I am Jealous


3.                 The Separator


4.                  The Sword of Judgment


5.                  The Ruin of the Brotherhood


6.                 United We Stand


7.                 Strategy for War


8.                 Safety in Treacherous Times


9.                 Might Men of Valor


10.            The Golden Vessels


11.            Fatherhood of God


12.            Escape to Zion


13.            Between Sections



Part II


Verdict on the Nations






14.            Red Horse


15.            Why Judgment?


16.            Wake UP America


17.            Woe to America


18.            Judgment to the Nations


19.              Babylon is Falling


20.              America


          American Map




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