Volume 1


Kingdom of God


The Beginning Christian



Table of Contents



1.                 He Touched you                                        


1.1            The Beginning

1.2            The Real World

1.3            Now What?

            Appendix A   Mule Story


2.       Bible                                                

Appendix A  Story of the My Bible

Appendix B  Dare to Believe the Bible: A Rain Story


3.       The Real World                                        

3.1            Our Relationship With God

3.2            So who is God?

3.3            God a Trinity—Our Father

3.4            God a Trinity—Son of God—Jesus

3.5            God Trinity—Holy Spirit

3.6            God’s Great Secret is:  The Holy Spirit

            Appendix A     Prophesies of Jesus


4.                 Kingdom of God                                       

4.1            First Command of Jesus

4.2            Fruit of the Spirit


5.       Faith                                                          

5.1            Decisions

5.2            What is Faith?

5.3            The First Step:  Believing

5.4            The Second Step:  Trusting

5.5            The Third Step:  Doing—Putting Your Faith Into Action

5.6            By Faith …

Appendix A   Learning to Trust the Mule Way


6.       Why SIN?                                                 

6.1            Original Sin

6.2            Purpose of Hell

6.3            Enter Hell


7        Born Again                                               

          7.1     Jesus was Sinless

7.2     How are we Born Again?

7.3     Summary


8.       Miserable People


9.                 Prayer

9.1            What is prayer?

9.2            How often should we pray?

9.3            The next question is how do we pray Constantly? 

9.4            How to Pray

Appendix A  My Watch Story


10.     Christianity                                     

10.1   What is Christianity about?

10.2   The Holy Spirit

10.3   Gifts of the Holy Spirit

10.4   How to receive the Holy Spirit

10.5   Hear His Voice

10.6       How to live a Christian life


11.     Attitudes




General Appendix                                              

Futile Discussions

Sexual and Other Perversions

Religious Misconceptions

          Different Religions

Do not be Deceived

Baptized in Water

Once Saved, Always Saved

Inner Healing




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