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Christian Teaching Page

God's Warning--Jesus is Coming Back--


Please note, that things might seem to be repeated but they are built on each other. Each Volume gets deeper then the previous one. People can only take so much at once, so the full message on the subject is broken down from beginning to the end by Volumes.

This website was created to hold writings that were produced as the Holy Spirit led. They are based on my life long learning from and experiences with God. Anyone is free to read, copy and use it as the Lord leads, as the scripture says,

"Freely you have received, freely give."

If you have any comments, questions or input, please email me. An email link is at the bottom of the Dare to Believe page.

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Thank you and God bless you and yours.


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This Website section has four volumes and New Content at the bottom of the page:

Volume 1. The Beginning Christian;

Volume 2. Starting to Understand the Kingdom of God;

Volume 3. Advance Understanding the Kingdom of God,

Volume 4. His Righteousness,

And New Content for the latest additions.

Volume 1: The New Christian

Table of Contents

Volume 2: Starting to Understand the Kingdom of God

Table of Contents

Volume 3: Advanced Understanding of the Kingdom of God

Table of Contents

Volume 4: His Righteousness

Table of Contents

New Content

Table of Contents

Online Bible

All scriptures used in these writings are in NIV unless otherwise stated. Here are online bible sites for easy use on the computer.

Bible Gate       This site has most bible versions and in many languages.

Bible Explorer  This site has a good download bible to run on your computer.       This site is easy to get to and read the scriputers in NIV, KJV, and NLT.

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