Volume 3


Advance Understanding of the Kingdom of God


Table of Contents



1.          Christian Life                                          

1.1            Purpose of life

1.2            The Beginning:  The Christian Foundation

1.3            Christian foundation

1.3.1    Free Will

1.3.2    Decisions

1.3.3    Doubt

1.4          Faith

1.4.1          Believing

1.4.2          Trusting

1.4.3          Doing—Putting Your Faith Into Action

1.4.4  Examples of Faith

1.5          Humility

1.6          Knowing GOD’s Way of Doing Things

1.7          “BORN AGAIN”

1.7.1          Original Sin

1.7.2          Jesus Our Savior

1.8          How are we “Born Again”?


2.                 Mind of Christ                               

2.1            Renewing Your Mind

2.2            Religious Spirit

2.3            Depending on God 

2.4            Who are you?


3.                 Kingdom of God                              

3.1            Enter into the Kingdom of God

3.2            Salvation is NOT Guaranteed

3.3            Keeping Our Salvation


4.                 Spirit World                               

4.1            Spirits Can Control US

4.2            Evil Control

4.3          In HIS Image

4.3.1          God Trinity—Father

4.3.2          God Trinity—Son of God—Jesus

4.3.3          God Trinity—Holy Spirit

4.4          Feelings are Spirits and Spirits are Feelings

4.5          Holy Spirit’s Protection

4.6          Window Control

4.7          What are these voices?

          Appendix A    Physical Death of Christians


5.          How to Live with God                                

5.1            Seek first the Kingdom of God

5.2            SEEKING through Prayer

5.3            How do you pray unceasingly? 

5.4            RIGHTEOUSNESS


6.                 Part 1: Personal Spiritual Warfare                              

6.1            What is Spiritual Warfare?

6.2            Spiritual Warfare from Within

6.3            Spiritual Warfare from Outside of You


Part 2: Personal Spiritual Warfare

6.4            Spiritual Warfare with Other people

6.5            How do We fight?

6.5.1    Full Armor of God

6.5.2    Prayer

6.5.3    Power of Love

6.5.4    Lord’s promises, and in His prophecies

6.5.5    There is power in Praise and in showing your faith

6.6            Prepare to fight Process



A   Arguing

B   Prophetic Decrees


7.          Our Lord’s Guidance                                     

7.1            Guidance through the physical world of animals and people

7.2            God also lead us through heavenly beings and angles

7.3            He guides us through the Holy Spirit and through our spirit

7.4            Preparation needed for Guidance

Appendix A             My Watch Story


8.          God’s Rules for Everyone                 


9.          Gifts of the Spirit                                        

9.1            Why do we get these gifts?

9.2            How do we get them?

9.3            Who can have the Gifts?

9.4            What are the Gifts of the Spirit?

9.5            How do they work?

9.5.1    Tongues

9.5.2    Prophecy

9.5.3    Prophetic Healing

9.5.4    Miraculous Powers

9.5.5    Gift of Wisdom

9.5.6    Gift of Knowledge

9.5.7    Gift of Faith


10.         Fear No Evil                            


11.       Understanding Sin                      

11.1       What is sin?

11.2       Original Sin

11.3       How do we sin?

11.3.1                       Temptation

11.3.2                        Desire has Conceived

11.3.3                        Birth to Death

11.4          Living by Faith


12.          Discerning the Spirits in People                   

12.1       Cain or Abel

12.2       What happens to those who want to be Wicked—CAIN

12.3       We are like Sheep

12.4       Children of God

12.5       We must live


13              How Do We Make the Gifts of God Work


14.          Fellowshipping                                          

14.1       Religion

14.2       “Going to church”

14.3       Why Fellowship?

14.4       What is fellowshipping?

Appendix A  

Fire Starters - Releasing the Church


15A.          Rest in Your Destiny Pt. 1                     

15.1       Fate:  That which is given to all living things:  Death

15.2       Your path:  Direction that God has shown you:  Salvation

15.3       Destiny:  God’s direction for out life:  Our life with God

15.3.1                       What does all this mean? 

15.3.2                         But rest in what?

15.3.3                       Another meaning for rest is to “Be still”


15B.          Rest in Your Destiny Pt. 2

15.5          But rest in what?

15.6          Another meaning for rest is to “Be still”

Appendix     A Prophetic Message-- Bill and Marsha Burns

      Disappointments into Destiny


16.          Fear: The Great Destroyer                         

16.1          How Does the Spirit of Fear come into us?

16.2          Finally

Appendix A             Tommy


17.          Thanksgiving and Faith                              

17.1       How does God build our faith?

17.2       Thanksgiving

17.3       Little Lamb

17.4       Rest in God

Appendix A                 A Thanksgiving Lesson


18.          God is Impartial                                                

18.1          What does Impartial mean?

18.2          When is it God is Impartial?

18.3          Then What about Us?


19A.          Acceptance Part 1                                       

19.1   Definition

19.2       Sympathy vs. Compassion


19B.          Acceptance Part 2         

19.3          The Attitude of Acceptance

19.4          Accepting God’s Will

19.5          Procedure/Process

19.6          Conclusion


20A.          Conclusion Part 1                                       

20.1          If you remain in Me

20.2          How do you love God—Be Humble

20.3          Desires of Your Heart

20.3.1     What desires are in your heart?

20.3.2                       Changing your desires


20B.          Conclusion Part 2   

20.4          Small Still Voice

20.5          Finale


Reference Library                                                 


General Appendixes                                           

Appendix A                    Mule Story

Appendix B                    Learning to Trust the Mule Way

Appendix C      Real Christian Death

Appendix D       Dare to Believe

Appendix E       Story of the My Bible

Appendix F       Prepare the way

Appendix G          Faith Moves Mountains

Appendix H          A Rain Story

Appendix I                    Are you the Victim of Mind Control?

Appendix J                    Modern Story of Mary and Martha

Appendix k                    Better to Obey

Appendix L          Positioning Yourself to Hear What God is Saying

Appendix M          The Bride of Christ                                       

Appendix N                    Our War and Tomorrows Battles                   

                                                ARE YOU AT THE END OF YOUR ROPE?

Appendix O           Opening Our Eyes To The Angelic Realm



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